Recently I have been going through this awesome package manager for Kubernetes called Helm. Its a great tool for managing the Kubernetes manifests whenever we are dealing with a large number of microservices. What Helm does is, it groups all the Kubernetes manifests required for a microservice into a folder/chart. And then it helps us manage the lifecycle of the chart. Thus abstracting the multiple Kubernetes manifests associated with a single microservice from the developers.

Similar to the very popular Docker hub, Helm also has a publicly accessible Helm hub. Anybody can download charts from the Helm hub and use…

Environment variables set in pods

Recently I joined a new organisation. And as usual I was expected to understand the functionalities of some of the components of the product that the team was working on. All these different components are nothing but a collection of microservices deployed as Kubernetes resources in cloud. So, when I was going through some of these components and trying to debug the source code, I found that all these components are using a bunch of environment variables which are defined in the respective Kubernetes manifests. And I know this is how Kubernetes pods work, nothing out of the ordinary. …

Sajid Hussain


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