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Recently I have been going through this awesome package manager for Kubernetes called Helm. Its a great tool for managing the Kubernetes manifests whenever we are dealing with a large number of microservices. What Helm does is, it groups all the Kubernetes manifests required for a microservice into a folder/chart. And then it helps us manage the lifecycle of the chart. Thus abstracting the multiple Kubernetes manifests associated with a single microservice from the developers.

Similar to the very popular Docker hub, Helm also has a publicly accessible Helm hub. Anybody can download charts from the Helm hub and use them, just like we do with Docker hub. There are many other publicly accessible Helm Chart Repositories too, either managed by big organisations or the open source community. But it’s always great to have a custom repository that we can use as our own Helm Chart Repository. It helps us share our charts with friends and peers by just sharing the link to the Helm Chart Repository. So, that whenever we update our charts or add new charts, interested folks can access them by just updating the chart repository in their local machines using helm repo update . …

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Environment variables set in pods

Recently I joined a new organisation. And as usual I was expected to understand the functionalities of some of the components of the product that the team was working on. All these different components are nothing but a collection of microservices deployed as Kubernetes resources in cloud. So, when I was going through some of these components and trying to debug the source code, I found that all these components are using a bunch of environment variables which are defined in the respective Kubernetes manifests. And I know this is how Kubernetes pods work, nothing out of the ordinary. …


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